Bujo 1 - why I started

Everything started with a photo on pinterest. I don't know why, but among thousands of cakes, cookies, wedding dresses and crochet stitches, pinterest  decided to put a picture of a bujo.

I think pinterest knows me better than I do, because it was love at first sight with bujo. I started to search for bullet journal on Google images and pinterest  and tumblr and I discovered a new world.

I drawn all my school diaries a lot, and I went back in time with all those bujos ' photos.

As I am a shopalcholic, I follow this simple rule: Don't buy it now, wait some days, and if you are still thinking about it, buy it.

After some days I was still thinking about bujo, and I was thinking about my personal bujo, so I started it!

You know, people on the Web use very expensive tools for their bullet journal, and even if I was thinking about mine a lot, I didn't  want to spend too much, as I didn't  know if I would have the constance of writing it everyday.

So I buy a pink big notebook, with hard cover, for 3,5 euro. I  picked some pencils from my daughter's case, and a black pen.

It was 8th August and I'm happy to celebrate today my first three months of bullet journaling !!!


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